Musician – now what?

15 September 2011 9:59 PM

Wie überlebe ich als MusikerIn? Ist Marketing alles? Wo sind bloss die Supermanager, die all meine Probleme lösen? …
Ein Workshop, der auf reges Interesse stiess… vielseitig, politisch, prickelnd…
Spannende Fragen, viele neue Gesichter, neue KünstlerInnen – MusikerInnen und Managerinnen brauchen Netzwerke, sie müssen von einander lernen.
Gemeinsam mit Martina Könighofer von Kulturen In Bewegung und Rainer Praschak vom Mica haben wir 40 Musik-Aktiven Tipps und Tricks aus der Praxis gegeben – von Web 2.0 bis Bandorgansiation…
Hier gehts zur Workshopreihe:
Musician – now what

…missin’ time & lookin forward: 100 years of womens’ day!

14 August 2010 1:24 PM

sternno time for my blog… sorry!
I’ve got so many amazing projects going on right now that I just can leave a few info-drops here:
Womex 2010 in Copenhagen: I’ll be coordinating & promoting the WORLDMUSIC AUSTRIA booth, together with my IG Worldmusic Austria colleague Horst Watzl…
You’ll get to know my prefered baby – a women networking meet & greet – 2011 is 100 years of womens’ day!
• also @ Womex: preparing the conference // From Idea to Distribution: Tips and tricks on the production and distribution of audio-visual formats and effective promotion using Web 2.0 with Chris Hunt (UK/Austria), (IMZ) – I’ll be a panelist and will share my experiences with you – as I already did at MIDEM 2009.
Célia Mara had an amazing spring & summer – we travelled a lot, had amazing shows in gorgeous places – we have been to New York and again to Genua, where our friends from LA BANDA DI PIAZZA CARICAMENTO are based. The cooperation goe’s on… and we love. Just a week ago, we had an amazing show with Ash Lombardo & Albert Sardei from the Banda at the Austrian fetsival Hiesige & Dosige.
• and… last but not least: FEMOUS is born… watch out the news…