Waschen Macht Sound

18 October 2012 11:24

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Eka wrote a comment on 12 July 2014

Once again I am grateful to you, Andy, for chleilngang my preconceptions :-) We can always quibble about the level of these parallels / similarities, but if we accept that there are some non-trivial similarities in Wagner and Tolkien’s ways of dealing with this Long Defeat’, Final Battle’ and healing, then I can’t help but wonder what we may use that for?We know from Carpenter’s description of Tolkien as a man of antitheses’ (also dealt with in some detail by Verlyn Flieger in Splintered Light where this phrase, taken from Carpenter’s Biography is the title of the first chapter) that Tolkien early developed a personality mixing states of hope and despair, and he may have found some resonances with this in the Old Norse myths and legends, explaining a part of their attraction to him. These Old Norse myths and legends are of coursa a point where Tolkien and Wagner meet, and I am wondering if the parallels you note can be used to say anything general about mythopoeic art that finds its inspiration in both the Old Norse legendarium and in Christian faith? What I am aiming at here is to find a perspective on these similarities that might affect my appreciation of Tolkien’s and/or Wagner’s work. Do you have any suggestions regarding such a perspective?

video x wrote a comment on 19 January 2015

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