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femous sommer & interkulturelle trainings

24 July 2011 20:26

für femous 2011 nähert sich die letzte runde – einige spannende festivals über den sommer, einen grandiosen herbstauftakt gibt es mit einer femous eigenproduktion für die ars electronica: femous roots & hegemonial pop am 1.9.2011, am 5.10.2011 werden wir femous 2011 im mica revue passieren lassen…
derzeit arbeiten wir an den femous 2012 und 2013 projekten – mehr dazu bald hier bzw. auf femous.
mit célia mara entwickeln wir gerade die nächste produktion… stay in touch!

und last, but not least – nach dem großen erfolg der interkulturellen trainings mit schwerpunkt brasilien, die ich mit karin schreiner durchführe, entwicklen wir dieses angebot weiter… mehr dazu hier

…missin’ time & lookin forward: 100 years of womens’ day!

14 August 2010 13:24

sternno time for my blog… sorry!
I’ve got so many amazing projects going on right now that I just can leave a few info-drops here:
Womex 2010 in Copenhagen: I’ll be coordinating & promoting the WORLDMUSIC AUSTRIA booth, together with my IG Worldmusic Austria colleague Horst Watzl…
You’ll get to know my prefered baby – a women networking meet & greet – 2011 is 100 years of womens’ day!
• also @ Womex: preparing the conference // From Idea to Distribution: Tips and tricks on the production and distribution of audio-visual formats and effective promotion using Web 2.0 with Chris Hunt (UK/Austria), (IMZ) – I’ll be a panelist and will share my experiences with you – as I already did at MIDEM 2009.
Célia Mara had an amazing spring & summer – we travelled a lot, had amazing shows in gorgeous places – we have been to New York and again to Genua, where our friends from LA BANDA DI PIAZZA CARICAMENTO are based. The cooperation goe’s on… and we love. Just a week ago, we had an amazing show with Ash Lombardo & Albert Sardei from the Banda at the Austrian fetsival Hiesige & Dosige.
• and… last but not least: FEMOUS is born… watch out the news…

april. schlechtes wetter und viel arbeit.

24 April 2010 1:41

und der märz verflog im nu…
webpk_triomarg1Célia Mara Tour “Meus Amores” with Benjamim Taubkin & Margarethe Deppe was wonderful… emotional, tender… everything in a mood of love… adoramos!! We discovered Austria (and Slovenia) from north to south & east to west – with a lovely tourstart in Gutenbrunn beim Juster… so ein wunderbarer Platz und lieber Gastgeber – and intensive shows in Remise Bludenz – Cankarejev Dom in Ljubljana & Konzerthaus Vienna (sold out!!!). Here is the link to the austrian news talking about it … I’ll post the press-clippings soon… check out the MICA-News here…

Next is  Washington DC and New York ::: with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forums, we will present parts of the new program Meus Amores… and have a Brazilian bastardsound Club-Debut in Joe’s Pub – New York City!

… IG Worldmusic Austria:
Frauen/Musik Österreich Handbuch
- gemeinsam mit dem bmeia und einer Gruppe von Expertinnen arbeiten wir an einem Ziel… musizierende Frauen in die Welt zu schicken. Die künstlerische Vielfalt Österreichs aufzeigen. Wir haben so viele hervorragende Künstlerinnen, die in unserem Land leben…Eine Zusammenarbeit mit den Kulturforen und Kulturabteilungen der Botschaften ist in Vorbereitung. Ich freue mich besonders, das Buch in Washington DC, im Österr. Kulturforum, am 30.4. vorstellen zu dürfen.
SOS MUSIKLAND ÖSTERREICH und Österreichischer Musikfonds: Staatsbürgerschaft ist kein Auschlußkriterium mehr! Sowohl die historische Musikcharta, die zwischen ORF und Österr. Muskwirtschaft abgeschlossen wurde, wie auch der große Produktionsfördertopf haben unsere Forderung nach Gleischstellung von MusikerInnen nicht österr. Staatsbürgerschaft anerkannt und in den Statuten umgesetzt. Es lebe die Vielfalt!
Überhaupt… Vernetzung läuft auf allen Ebenen… mehr dazu später.

… global bastards… outlaws im karibischen Raum
Natürlich, Brasilien – der Nordosten. Salvador lässt mich nicht los, mit “Die Königinnen vom Salgueiro haben relative Bürgerrechte” – der Doku über das Selbsthilfeprojekt Nika Jaina in einer Favela in Rio de Janeiro. Wie sie entstanden ist. Was Dona Ivete wichtig war. Und ich werde ich aus meinen brasiliansichen Wintern erzählen…  dem Projekt, ein Kulturzentrum in einer Favela aufzubauen – Alltag geprägt von Rechtlosigkeit und Gewalt. Gedanken zu institutionellem Rassismus und seinen Folgen. Aus weiblicher Sicht. Zwischen 7. und 9.5 in der Wiener Urania
Hier gibt’s ein wenig zum “Einstimmen und Vorschauen”:

roots in migration: presenting célia mara & la banda di piazza caricamento

3 October 2009 17:44

While our old continent is transforming itself into „ fortress Europe“, excluding intercontinental migrations, closing borders and featuring racist policies in many of our countries, a new initiative with an extremely high musical and social potential is born:
Célia Mara & La Banda di Piazza Caricamento.
Fresh global bastardsound. It’s fun. It’s easy. It’s today’s urban Europe.
Made between Vienna and Genoa. Viva la globalisaXion cultural!

This is music for peace and social justice – the voices and sounds of migration, the musical and energetical melting of a globalized world. No borders to cultural expression!
It is a big multi-ethnic band full of energy, great grooves and dance performances… with powerful lead singer & guitar player – Diaspora-Brazilian – Célia Mara.
Célia Mara makes music with a big smile. Singing about new, interesting times.
She is a 21st. century singer – songwriter and guitar player, a real Brazilian groove lady, a jazz singer full of emotion, a screaming rock star, a sensual seduction, simply – a firework on stage. The international press calls her the Brazilian Manu Chao, compares her energy to Carlinhos Brown, her voice to Vanessa da Mata and her musical concept goes along with Tom Zé… She is considered one of Europe’s most impressive Brazilian artists, her “bastardsound” conquered the World Music Charts all over the continent, she performed at huge and prestigious festivals in Eastern and Western Europe and was awarded various times.
La Banda di Piazza Caricamento, directed by Davide Ferrari, is a collective of young artists in migration – bringing their “world”-backgrounds in the urban life of a new Europe. It is the babel of Genoa – young people immigrated from Brazil, China, Germany, India, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Rwanda, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Sudan – brought together in 2007… different percussion and voices are dominating, DJ-sounds are integrating traditional sounds. The musicians mix, in a bursting and pressing sound, the rhythms of Cuban congas, African & Arab percussions of djembe and darabouka, the magical riffs of kora, street rap, Indian dance, lyric melodies from eastern Europe, India and Italy …
They are performing strong songs in many different languages, many of them written by Célia Mara: Brazil going funk, Samba mixed with Cumbia and Rap, Electric-Tango, Punk and NuBossa… The musical show is integrated with elements of urban and traditional dance, it is pure joy to watch these young, dynamic artists in their continuous improvisations…

But that’s not all: the projects stands symbolically for a new Europe, for cultural diversity in it’s best expression: there is no question of integration – everybody brings in his or her cultural backgrounds and information’s, creating something new, powerful and reflecting our actual, urban culture.
Considering the fact that today’s European cities are in a continuous process of transformation, stating that culture is flexible, always adapting itself to what it happening around, the anthropologists and cultural manager Davide Ferrari and Silvia Jura Santangelo decided to join forces in music management combined with anti-racist politics. They are offering this great musical project with an amazing live-show – fitting into any type of festival – completed by creative and social workshops & conferences in the fields of migrations and cultural diversity.
Davide Ferrari, since 25 years director of the “Festival del Mediterraneo” and Echo-Art in Genoa, started in 2007 the multi-ethnical project “La banda di piazza caricamento” – an Italian concept of joining musicians of different cultures and nations to big local orchestras. Davide, who is, besides being a musical director, a music therapist and a visionary, formed this big band of young artists with at least 10 different nationalities, respecting gender balance as well! Their first album “babelsound” was awarded with the “prêmio amnesty international”.
Silvia Jura Santangelo, president of the IG World Music Austria, director of globalista, the Vienna based label, Célia Mara management and NGO, is the other conceptionist of the project. Silvia is working a lot on questions of gender and race, running different projects in social and cultural fields. Actually, she is building up, together with Célia Mara, a socio-cultural center in Salvador Bahia. To combine the work of Davide and her’s is a way to bring forward new, interesting perspectives in a global European cultural work.

More infos: Silvia Jura Santangelo & Davide Ferrari / Echo-Art

silvia @ MIDEM

2 October 2009 15:26

I’m really bad with my own promotion… I simply forgot to post a little feedback & pressreviews about the conference at MIDEM 2009, where I presented the impact of social media in independent artist marketing. The discussion was dedicated to Videoplattforms & Social Media.
It was a big honour to be invited by the IMZ, the international Music & Media Center -  the other panelists were: Thomas Hieber (Legal specialist -Unitel), Rob Overman (Monteverdi.TV), Chris Hunt (content owner –, and Urban Lasson (former buyer from Swedish Television).
Rob Overman
midem porgram

amnesty workshop – focus bürgerInnenrechte in den slums

23 August 2009 12:16

ich freu mich… bei der amnesty international tagung: Ein Recht auf Würde! – 6-8.11.2010 bei Graz- werde ich als Referentin / Workshopleiterin zum Thema Slums arbeiten – mit einem Fokus auf BürgerInnenrechte.