Célia Mara Band
Brazilian Bastardsound “…this is the sound of Nu-Brazil by way of Vienna… Brash, confident and assured" (Songlines, UK)
„Global Bricolagistas: „Global Bricolagistas - Los de Abajo, DJ Dolores, Manu Chao, and Mariam and Amadou, Zuco 103, Celia Mara, Ojos de Brujo and Zuba were just a few of the names that grabbed our attention in a year when the world said no to globalization and yes to global music culture mash up.“ Damian Rafferty (Fly- global music culture, UK) // see more pressclips

Nothing is pure! Let‘s celebrate diversity! Full power with a smile, good vibes with content, sensual latino dub and punky ska grooves, sophisticated jazz moments with a Brazilian drive…
Célia Mara‘s Bastard Sound is an exciting, advanced dance-mix, reminding sometimes Manu Chao...

… sometimes layed back, extra sensual and intensive. A globalized, Europe-based band is peforming. Célia Mara is an engaging front woman with a strong voice - her brilliant musicians are grooving, entertaining… impressing with funky solos. Musical excellency at the base - alongside with energy & great fun. A company in different formations - from 5 to 12 on stage.

Already seen @: Joe‘s Pub New York - Veneto Jazz - ACF Washington DC - Spançirfest Varadzina - Festival del Mediterraneo Genova - Austrian Cultural Forum NYC - Jazz á Carthage Tunis - Schlachthof Kassel - Into the City Rathausplatz Wien - Café Whaa New York - Festival de Burgos - National Palace of Culture Sofia - Ethnotronica Moscow - Cargo London - Zeltival Karlsruhe - Porgy & Bess Wien - Roxy Praha - Hiesige & Dosige - Africa Festival Würzburg - Riga - Wiener Staatsoper- Interzone Festival Novi Sad - Petrovic Moscow - Samba Offenburg - Womens Voices Stuttgart - Jazzfest Wien - Birdland - Gazarte Athens - Pzz. San Carlo Torino - CSD Berlin - Ethnofest - Mujeres del Mediterraneo Granada - Sunsplash Wiesen - Universidad federal Oaxaca

European formation: 4 to 12 on stage
Célia Mara/BR (vc, guit), the snow owl/Col (eb), wolfo schmidt/A (kb), maria petrova/Bg (dr) courtney jones/trinidad (perc),
patrizia ferrara/BR (voc),
alexander wladigeroff/BG (trump), edith lettner/A (sax), lisa puhr (trb) Ashai Lombardo I/Sud (voc/dc), Albert Sardei I/RUA (rap, voc), Topoké A/Congo(rap)
fotos @ drahreg schindlauer / wolfgang gonaus

Célia Mara‘s bastard sound provides, in the words of Gregory Klemm of Element/Moscow, ”a beautifully uplifting atmosphere.” Bastard Sound involves the listeners completely in Mara‘s world of sounds, in-between a smoothly groovin’ ambience of good mood and hot and spicy phases of global ecstasy.
The lyrics, sung in Portuguese, English, German, Spanish and French, are urban poems, the voice of migrations. Communication without any borders. All Célia Mara tracks are songs that are dedicated to the crucial questions of being, that is, love, politics and religion…


femous orchestra


Célia Mara sola

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