Célia Mara & la banda di piazza caricamento

Viva la globalisaXion cultural! It’s fun. It’s easy. It’s today’s urban Europe.
Worldmusic made between Vienna, Genoa and the rest of the world.

Fresh global bastardsound. It’s fun. It’s easy. It’s today’s urban Europe.
Made between Vienna and Genoa. Viva la globalisaXion cultural!

Célia Mara makes music with a big smile. Singing about new, interesting times.
La Banda di Piazza Caricamento, directed by Davide Ferrari, is a collective of young artists in migration – bringing their “world”-backgrounds in the urban life of a new Europe.
That is music for peace and social justice – the voices and sounds of migration, the musical and energetical melting of a globalized world. No borders to cultural expression!
It is a big multi-ethnic band full of energy, great grooves and dance performances… led by powerful singer & guitarplayer - Diaspora-Brazilian - Célia Mara.
Mara brings Brazil going funk, Samba mixed with Cumbia and Rap, Electric-Tango, Punk and NuBossa…The musicians mix, in a bursting and pressing sound, the rhythms of Cuban congas, African & Arab percussions of djembe and darabouka, the magical riffs of kora, street rap, Iranian dance, vocal melodies from eastern Europe, India and Italy …The musical show is integrated with elements of traditional & urban dance.

Who is who:
Célia Mara – she is a 21st. century singer – songwriter and guitar player, a real Brazilian groovelady, a jazzsinger full of emotion, a screaming rockstar, a sensual seduction, an electronic clockwork, simply – a firework on stage. Always carrying a message for peace and social justice with her …

La banda di piazza caricamento – the babel of Genoa – young musicians immigrated from Iran, Libanon, Morocco, Mexico, Brasil, India, Sudan, China, Russia, Senegal, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Germany – brought together in 2007, directed by Davide Ferrari / Echo Art / Festival del Mediterraneo.

Célia Mara’s fresh brazilian bastard sound made in Vienna already conquered globalised worldmusic … it combines brazilian and latin-american roots with electronics, funk, reggae and jazz into sophisticated, vibrant and socially aware pieces. Great reviews in prestigious magazines (songlines, global Rhythm…), airplay and chart positions in the global world music and big festivals appearances testimony the power of her globalized sound.

la banda di piazza caricamento’s babel sound made in Genoa, awarded by amnesty international, rises as an artistic symbol of cohabitation and violence denial, creativity and cultural methamorphosys. Since 2007, the band had acclaimed appearances on Italys festivals - (Roma, Milano, Genoa).

Line up:
yana odintsova, russia: voice, dance
kai kundrat, germany: bass, sax, percussions, flute
smail maarouf, morocco: percussions
matteo scuro, italy: dance, percussions
albert sardei, italy, australia, rwanda: voice, keyboards, percussions
olmo manzano, italy, mexico: cuban congas, timbales
issam boulakchrour, morocco: darbouka, voice
abd el-rrazaq el-aidi, morocco: percussions
marasinha siriwardana kasun dias, sri Lanka: percussions
laura muradi, brasil:voice
bassirou sarr, senegal:dum dum, talking drum
elias salvini, brasil: percussions, trumpet
pape ndong, senegal: percussions
cheikh sadibou fall, senegal: djembe, kora, voice
nadesh joythimayandana, india, sri Lanka: dance, voice
ash lombardo, italy, sudan: dance, voice
hi bi, china:guitar, voice
demian troiano, italy, ghana:break dance
davide ferrari, Italy:artistic direction


on tour in Europe:: may - july 2010
22.8.2010 - Spançir Fest, Varadzin, Croatia
3.7.2010 - Torino, Piazza San Carlo
1.7.2010 - Genova, festival del mediterraneo


Besetzung / Cast
15 on stage: based in Genoa / Italy –
project directed by Davide Ferrari (coop: Festival del Mediterraneo)

Global Worldmusic Show, Fusion, Groove, // ethno & urban dance performance






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