Nothing is pure. Rebel yourself.
Célia Mara makes music with a big smile.
Singing about interesting times. Creating new collectives.

The international press calls her „female Manu Chao“; she is considered being one of the most innovating artists in the brazilian diaspora.

Célia Mara defines herself as “bastardista”: mixed, overpassing race, gender and class, creating a genuine nu-brazil sound, a latinized version of World Music - always carrying a strong message for peace and social justice with her.

Célia Mara’s charismatic voice, her strong compositions, the eclectic, but typically Brazilian mixture and the edgy electro-arrangements pushed the artist among the headliners of „Global Bricolagistas:

Los de Abajo, DJ Dolores, Manu Chao and Mariam and Amadou, Zuco 103, Celia Mara, Ojos de Brujo and Zuba were just a few of the names that grabbed our attention in a year when the world said no to globalization and yes to global music culture mash up.“
Damian Rafferty / fly-global music culture, UK

Célia Mara is a Brazilian artist, born and grown up in the Vale de Jequitenhonhas (Minas Gerais). She sings, plays, composes and arranges.
She is a bandleader and a solo artist, a 21st. century singer - songwriter,
a real Brazilian groove lady, a jazz singer full of emotion,
a screaming rock star, a sensual seduction, a funky entertainer…

Célia Mara se destacou na Europa como artista independente com os seus albuns bastardista e santa rebeldia , que a posicionaram por meses no top dos world music charts da Europa, levaram-a em grandes festivais entre a Letônia, a Rússia, a Sérbia o a Tunisia... A artísta tocou em palcos conceituados da Europa central, como na Ópera de Viena, no palácio nacional de cultura de Sofia, o se apresentou com seu som bastardista nos clubes pulsantes de Nova York, Moscou e Londres.


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