global grooves against the global crisis

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Networking is my real passion… and WOMEX is the right place to do it.
This year, I spent only two days in Copenhagen, but I was able to meet a lot of my friends from the international world music scene. It was so good to see them – to exchange ideas – and to establish stronger bonds for going on together in the future.
To say it frankly – I guess that we have to expect hard times coming. Our South European colleagues soffered the crisis very hardly, many venues & clubs had to close, many festivals – mainly the smaller ones – are not able to continue. Our greek friends are still optimistic… and focussing on international cooperations, whilest Portugal closed the doors and has no money anymore to invite international artists. Italy is simply a pre-post Berlusconi disaster, most of the cultural funds are gone… and Spain is affraid of what the next elections will bring…In the meantime, the big business is going on… viva los multis and the globalized “mono-taste”.

Anyhow, we are a resisting clan! People is still interested in World Music made in Austria – so I could open some very interesting cooperations:
EPPAX – european plattform for perfoming arts exchange in Amsterdam is waiting for our contributions (artists, send your videos!) – a good platform for international exchange (14/15.march 2012)

babel med is probably the hottest upcoming spot for world music affizionad@s – we will organize an Austrian delegation to go there – who is interested in joining us is mostly welcome! (end of march 2012).
An other highlight is the cooperation with the magazine Songlines, where we are preparing showcases and a special CD-issue about Austria!

Otherwise, I presented  femous: 360° women in music – our platform for famous female culture to my colleagues, established good partnerships in many European, South- and North American countries,  had great meetings with the ladiezz from the Women of the World network…The result is amazing!

We will have femous nights all over Europe! An exchange concept that will open new markets for female artists and feature new and known talents! Check out our Website & – if female leaded – submit your projects!
And that’s not enough. I will work more on Brazilian music in the future, joining forces with the Brazilian Exchange Offices and bringing great Brazilian artists to Austria. Célia Mara entered in a partnership with Orquestra Voadora from Rio de Janeiro, working on old Carnival songs… and!!!! in a partnership with amazing Elza Soares – I admire this lady so much!

so… keep on groovin’- we’re ready to confront the global crisis with global grooves!

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  1. This is an extraordinary copsomition. It is almost like tribal music, absolutely mesmerizing. I have listened to it many times over the years, and it never fails to uplift and fill my soul and provide me with inner strength.

  2. Reading posts like this make surfing such a pleasure

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